Saturday, July 8, 2017

Owing UR LIFE 

I owe my life to several things. But at times it has has been music that kept me alive. It might be easy to conceive that a broken heart , a down spirit might might desire to extinguish the fire with playing , writing a song. I found on numerous times the next works gave me instant will to live another day. If I talked to God I was convinced He said, "Sam finish all the work I gave you before you leave." Sooner or later I know what the response will be. So the hopper is full! So much to complete!
Next come purpose. Not mine, but the songs, the art , the albums , the dreams... they are for those all those  that God wanted to hear them. I don't know how many there are... I know a little of the heart opening it will do for some.... as the inspiration and spirit opened mine! And the thanks I give to the listener because that purposeful listen has given me extra life.

Thanks Sam Reeves(aka UR S MAN)

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