Friday, November 16, 2012

Yeah I am Indie I didn't know what that was when I started doing music in the open spaces again. Yea I am Indie, but I had to ask the question, What is Indie?
Being indie puts the whole ball in your court.Everything rest on your shoulders. Even if you have help you started that ball a rolling.... gives you a real chance to be real (not saying anyone else is not)! The main challenge is just getting to the people that like or love what you do the first time! Thanks to all of you that support and generate paid listens and all of you that buy copies of music, and other items from UR S MAN. And for the other Indie artist you support thanks for keeping new music alive you choose. Sam Reeves aka UR S MAN

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Putting Together A Recording is sometimes an investment of some time.....what you do when wear a bunch of hats or even do it without regard to the hats.........It's Not Then is a song hopeful to include on the upcoming New Stories To Tell album. It could be done in more of a rush but its art. Perfection may not be the goal as much as getting the best out of this pass with this song! Want you to hear it feel it get something worthwhile out of it. That is what it is really about! Hope to share  some more as we go along and finish this album before I move into the next one... will be back and talk some more about it as we go.....this may not be the end product yet for this song.....It's Not Then

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pre-Album release of Single "Like Coming Home"

Sam Reeves aka UR S MAN doing some recording for album "New Stories To Tell". Someone said "That album title really suits you! You always got one to tell! LOL!" We ran a small poll to see which of three singles to release before finishing the "New Stories To Tell" album " Like Coming Home" came out on top. Multiple projects in the works! Free full track preview here!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Got New Years With You Video Updated Lyrics added reloaded due to technical error many videos ended up deleted so for your enjoyment.....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Music Streaming Services ..........what about them

There has been debate whether these services are good for the artist,writers? Most everybody is effected some way by the economics of this time. So "streamin" is here ... artist, writers make less than if you bought there material. It cost time, energy, money to create good music. All I can ask you to do as an Artist/Writer at this point is if you use a streaming service use one that pays artist, even though it is small amounts. And then play it much rather than little.... Become a fan share the music you love to many instead of a few...... Your favorites will get the message you want even more... to check out my current Discography...... Streamin on My Space, Spotify, MOG to list a few.