Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update 06/23/2011

Took a few days out for Fathers Day to hang out with my Dad visit with my Son, got to see my daughter too! Got to do some studio work in the middle of some of that! Going to hopefully get a little studio work done with my Son on some of his music in the spirit  of  father -son/ Father's Day. then back to some more. Some info is not released yet of half of what I have been up to but I will soon be able to let that out of the bag! I think you will like it! But it is about more music of course...... will post more soon.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's always a lot of work, but for an Artist there can be such an internal drive to birth some new music into their world! No different for me! For sure!

I invite you to check in with me in this process! I'll make a promise I will keep! That is to do the absolute best I can do! And to try and keep you up on what is going on.

Right now I am working on 20 something songs written since the first of the year! Some rock, some blues, some are just something else! I always try to get the emotion(s) to the top of the songs and their performances!

Feel free to come with me.................. to me fans are friends and friends should be fans....I know that is how I feel about those in my life!