Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's on my mind?

Music! Being an Indie!

The music never stops! Much of our World may be missing some marvelous music and art! I wonder how many of us respond to stamps of approval by the gate keepers of the music industry more than the approval our own senses and emotion give!

We ought to be demanding to hear the treasures we find! Not just the ones served us by the gate keepers! Notice I said not just! We can make our own choices! Regardless who presents it to us or not! So if I like something no one needs to try to make me think it is any less!

So what can we do? Request what you want! Find it where it is! Promote what you like! Your opinion counts! Go out and support the art that touches you! It wasn't created to sit on the shelf! And help the artist stay alive to return that gift to you another day! And another!

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